J o i n   t h e   c o l l e c t i v e!

The Mint Julep Collective is wedding planning re-imagined for the modern day bride. After planning over 250 weddings, our team has streamlined the entire process and created a virtual program to guide you through the four-part cocktail of putting together a memorable experience: planning, design, production, and logistics.  

Goodbye: scouring the Knot for review to figure out which vendors you can trust, zombie pinning without a plan, and wondering if you're totally blowing your budget...wait, I was supposed to have a budget? 
It's a lot to keep up with, but having a clear, proven plan to map out your big day actually makes the engagement process enjoyable again.  

By joining The Collective, we're in this together. Pull up a chair, let us walk you through our program. 

First, you'll be inducted into The Collective via private Facebook group with other brides to share ideas and tips. Mark your calendars for the live Q+A sessions where the Mint Julep Team will personally answer your latest questions via Facebook Live.  
Next, we will guide you through a user friendly version of our process that we use with our full planning clients, in a video series that guides you through the Planning + Design process to shave off countless hours of aimlessly scrolling online. 

You'll learn pro tips on budget building, how to curate + articulate your wedding style, and determine how to choose your dream team of vendors. 
Get access to our tutorials and cheat sheets that we can't imagine planning without. ...It's like having a wedding planner in your back pocket.